Caribbean Cardio
Get wining, twerking and grooving to sexy tropical beats from Latin America and
the Caribbean in this high intensity workout!
Suitable for all levels of fitness. No dance experience necessary.

Brazilian Beach Booty
Tone, lift and firm up your booty in this high intensity class focusing on
abs/butt/thighs and Pilates-based exercises.
Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Clarity + Focus
Deep stretching, breath work and mindfulness for the week
Suitable for all levels of fitness.


Samba Fundamentals
Learn the basics of Brazilian Samba from Rio de Janeiro!
Suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers.

Intermediate/Advanced Samba
Up-level your Samba with drills, technique, fitness, musicality, body movements
and footwork!
Suitable for students with a minimum of 6-12 months Samba experience.

Performance Samba (By invitation only)
Advanced Samba technique, including dance conditioning, footwork patterns, body movement, parading, musicality, stage presence and confidence.

Mystery Class
Surprise! Experience a new style of dance each class!
No dance experience necessary. Held once per month.