“I’ve had such a blast with Mishel and the Sambaliscious tribe over the past 6 months. My health and fitness, mind body & spirit have improved immensely as a result of Mishel’s fitness classes, guidance, positive energy and sense of empowerment!”

Tanya Nguyen


Samba Fundamentals (Level 1-2)

Learn the basics of Brazilian Samba with lots of hip drills, body movement, technique practice and fitness drills to support your body conditioning for dance!

Suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers.

Intermediate/Advanced Samba (Level 3-4)

Up-level your Samba with advanced drills, technique, fitness, musicality, body movements
and footwork and find your own unique style with lots of freestyling practice!

Suitable for students with a minimum of 12+ months Samba experience.

Performance Samba (Level 5 – by invitation only) 

Advanced Samba technique, including dance conditioning, footwork patterns, body movement, parading, musicality, stage presence and choreography.

Suitable for students with a minimum 18-24 months Samba experience.



Brazilian/Latin Fitness

45 minutes of high intensity dance/fitness training to amazing Latin tunes to tone, lift and firm up your body! Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Brazilian Funk

Discover this sexy, sassy street style from Rio de Janeiro and learn to move your body like you never knew you could! Brazilian Funk is a fabulous way to get fit, tone up and learn how to shake it!


Emily is our little ray of sunshine who is completely in love with Brazilian culture! She started her journey training in Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), then discovered the beautiful, sensual style of Zouk, and finally became completely enchanted with the vibrant Samba no pe!

She loves how intoxicating the Samba rhythm is, and how you can’t help but move your whole body when you hear it! Emily’s favourite part of teaching is helping students to realise they can achieve things they thought weren’t possible, and the look in their eyes when they do!

Emily is a high school teacher who brings her wealth of teaching experience and passion for Brazilian culture to every class!

Reggie moved from Venezuela to Brisbane 6 years ago and grew up in a typical Latin American family where music, food, family and friends are everything!

He has been dancing Cuban Salsa for over a decade and also loves the more urban rhythm of Reggaeton where he can really express his big personality (to match his big hair!)

He’s also a black belt in Karate and credits his unique teaching style to both his passion for Latin music and his discipline from martial arts training and competing at a professional level.