“I’ve had such a blast with Mishel and the Sambaliscious tribe over the past 6 months. My health and fitness, mind body & spirit have improved immensely as a result of Mishel’s fitness classes, guidance, positive energy and sense of empowerment!” – Tanya Nguyen



Samba Fundamentals (Level 1)

Learn the basics of Brazilian Samba with lots of hip drills, body movement, technique practice and fitness drills to support your body conditioning for dance!

Suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers to refine their technique and improve their Samba stamina.

Samba Improvers (Level 2)

Take your Fundamentals to the next level with this course, focusing on styling your basics and improving your technique, introducing you to footwork combos and building your physical fitness for faster Samba.

Suitable for students who have done at least  3+ months of Samba.

Intermediate/Advanced Samba (Level 3-4)

Up-level your Samba with advanced drills, technique, fitness, musicality, body movements
and footwork and find your own unique style with lots of freestyling practice!

Suitable for students with a minimum of 12+ months Samba experience.

Performance Samba (Level 5) 

Advanced Samba technique, including dance conditioning, footwork patterns, body movement, parading, musicality, stage presence and choreography.

Suitable for students with a minimum 18-24 months Samba experience.



Brazilian Abs/Butts/Thighs 

Build your core strength, tone your muscles, improve your flexibility and feel stronger overall with this high intensity class designed specifically to support your Samba journey.

Deep Stretch for Flexibility + Relaxation

Support your dance and fitness journey with Yoga sequences specifically designed for Samba, and reduce your stress and anxiety with breath work and meditation.