Hi! I’m Mishel and I am so excited to introduce you to the magical world of Brazilian dance!

As the first ever Aussie to perform at the highest level of Carnival, and having spent the past 15 years teaching women all over the world how to move and express themselves, I’d love to share my experience, joy and passion for dance with you!

Samba is a fabulous way to get fit, improve your confidence and tap into your femininity! I’ll have you shimmying and shaking to fabulous tunes and dancing like a Rio Carnival Queen in no time!

Samba Beginners

In this series, we’ll start with a fun dance warm up followed by basic body movements, arm techniques, Samba struts and essential drills to increase your fitness. We’ll finish with a Yoga for dancers session to begin preparing your body for your dance journey ahead.

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently dance the basics of Brazilian Samba and your body will start to improve in strength, co-ordination and flexibility!

Samba Improvers

In this series, we’ll learn some popular Samba travelling steps, power poses, simple footwork patterns and transition steps to add to your repertoire.

By the end of this course you will have a more comprehensive understanding of how to piece together the different elements of Samba and start to improve your Samba vocabulary!

Samba Intermediate

In this series we’ll take your Samba to the next level by introducing you to some beautiful variations of your Samba basic step, and we’ll dive into the intricate footwork patterns of Samba de Gafieira!

By the end of this course you will be able to dance comfortably at a medium pace, play with different footwork patterns and start to experiment with creating your own individual Samba style!

Samba Advanced

In this series get ready to sweat! The difference between a good and great Samba dancer is purely fitness, so it is time to challenge yourself with specifically designed Strength + Conditioning and Brazilian Abs/Butts/Thighs exercises as well as Fast Samba technique!

By the end of this course you will be able to dance Samba at a faster speed whilst remaining graceful and elegant, your body will feel stronger and fitter, your flexibility will increase and you will feel ready to start your journey towards performing!

Rio Carnival Muse

In this series you’ll feel like you’re live in the studio with Mishel as she takes you through hour-long lessons covering a range of content to take your Samba to performance level! We’ll explore musicality and the instruments used in Samba, the Art of Freestyling, advanced footwork sequences, how to parade and capture an audience’s attention and much more!

By the end of this course you will have a tool kit full of skills to be able to confidently step out as a Samba performer!

World Samba Congress

In this series you’ll be able to learn from a selection of the most famous Queens of Rio’s spectacular Carnival! From the longest reigning Queen in history, Beija Flor’s Raissa to the 3 x Queen of the entire Rio Carnival, Clara Paixao, you’ll get a smorgasbord of juicy content and glamorous styling from the world’s very best, and will be able to experience Samba from its very roots.

By the end of this course, you’ll be filled with inspiration and have a deeper understanding of the rich Brazilian culture and how every dancer is truly unique in their style – which now includes you!

ABOUT THE LESSONS: All lessons are 15-30 minutes in duration and are emailed to you one week apart to ensure you have sufficient time to practice in between!

You will also be sent lots of bonus links to my carefully curated music, history of Brazilian dance research, youtube references and much more to inspire your Samba journey ahead!


Mishel you are amazing! We recently paraded in the centre of St Petersburg and thanks to your online Rio Carnival Muse course, I felt totally like a Brazilian Queen! 
– Nina, Russia
Absolutely loved the online Samba courses with Mishel! Such a great help for me, a busy dancer, who doesn’t always have the time to physically attend classes but has to develop my skills and improve my dancing regularly.
-Lucia, USA
For anyone living abroad wanting to improve their Samba, these courses are perfect! Mishel’s courses are informative and easy to follow, focusing on grace, elegance, posing, expressive moves and Samba technique. These courses are perfect for anyone wanting to learn or improve their dance skills!
– Elise, Belgium