Would you like to personalise your learning with expert instruction focused specifically on your needs and dance goals?

Why not book Mishel for private classes to fast-track your progress and have you dancing like a Samba Queen in no time!


Investment: $150/hour class (individual)

Location: Xtend Barre, Newstead

ONLINE: Mishel can also provide personal online tuition via video – please email her to arrange.

Bookings: info@sambaliscious.com.au



I started my Samba journey with Mishel and Sambaliscious in May 2015 with both weekly group and private lessons. Mishel’s teaching is highly structured with an explicit focus on Rio Samba styling, underpinned with the foundations of dance technique. She is also skilled at guiding beginners through to higher levels. Before I knew it, I was on my way to the Rio Carnival 2016 where it all came to fruition – and there’s been no turning back for me! Mishel is also knowledgeable with all facets of health and fitness and has supported me on my journey towards a healthier and fitter me. Thanks Mishel!


Stephanie Pyle

Learning support teacher