• Dearest Mishel,
    A heartfelt thank you from the JRDA team for your fantastic effort and turnout for your workshops last weekend in Perth. Thank you for sharing with our students your amazing talent and enthusiasm for Samba no Pe. It was a priviledge to have you and we look forward to your next visit!
    Juan Rando Dance Academy, Perth WA


Mishel’s passion for teaching and expertise in breaking down movements in easy to learn, simple steps has made her a highly effective Samba instructor who can bridge the gap between Brazil and the world.

Her workshops are designed to further your understanding of Brazilian Samba through musicality, dance technique, body movement, footwork patterns, ¬†Samba step variations and the history and culture of Rio’s Carnival.

Mishel regularly travels interstate and internationally to instruct workshops such as:

* Rio-style Samba
* Femininity, Body movement and Grace
* Gafieira-inspired Footwork for Samba
* Parading and Performance skills
* Musicality and Freestyling
* Choreography

If you would like to host Mishel, please contact her at: