Membership Benefits

Joining our Sambaliscious community as a Member provides some amazing benefits!

  • Discounted weekly Dance and Fitness classes
  • Discounts for our workshops/events
  • Discounts on Brazilian gym wear and Samba platform heels
  • Discounts for our Online Lessons

So what are you waiting for?

We look forward to inspiring you to live a life of health, wellness and passion!

To purchase one of our exciting new memberships, please follow the steps below:

1) Visit:

2) Create an account using your email address

3) Fill out your Personal and Billing information and sign the Liability Waiver

4) Click on ONLINE STORE (in the top right corner) and then on CONTRACTS to choose your preferred Membership Package

5) “When would you like to start?” – Choose the date to begin your membership (please note that there are no contracts so when you sign up, the weekly autopay will continue until you decide to stop it)

6) Click “I agree with the Terms and Conditions” and then MAKE PURCHASE

7) This will then take you to a Shopping Cart, where you click CHECKOUT and then PLACE ORDER

8) Once your purchase has been made, you will receive a purchase email and your new membership details will appear under the MY INFO tab

9) Now go to CLASSES and select the ones you would like to attend by clicking SIGN UP NOW.
This will then ask you if you’d like to book in for a SINGLE or RECURRING reservation. If you know you are going to attend a class every week, choose RECURRING. If you’d like to change classes each week, you will need to book in each week for a SINGLE reservation.

10) Finally download the MIND BODY APP and use the same email and password as you used for logging in above. Verify your account (check your junk mail if the MIND BODY email doesn’t appear in your inbox) and you are ready to go! Your schedule will appear automatically, and you can now use this app to CHECK IN for classes.

Having trouble signing up?