Are you an existing Samba teacher looking for a comprehensive curriculum to implement in your dance studio, a Samba performer looking at starting a professional performance team or just passionate about Samba and keen to become an instructor one day?


Sambaliscious offers a complete Samba Teaching Curriculum, from Beginners to Advanced levels, as well as Performers Development, Instructor Training and Business Development Programmes.


Our Samba Teaching programme includes detailed weekly lesson plans with a selection of Samba music for classes, video references and demonstrations, mini choreographies and online Skypetraining sessions.


Our Performers Development programme includes Dance and Performance technique, body conditioning, flexibility, advanced Samba technique and footwork, musicality, freestyling skills and hair/make up tutorials for performances plus much more.


Our Instructor Training focusses on teaching techniques, the history of Brazilian Samba, Portuguese lessons for Samba dancers and professional development for the instructor, including tailoredtraining to suit their needs/goals as a Samba dancer and instructor (Dance Movement Analysis, Samba technique, body conditioning etc.)


Our Business Development programme aims to improve your brand development, promotion and advertising skills, social media presence (including photoshoots, website, promotional videos), student retention rates, client liaison and show management skills and overall business acumen to create a profitable, rewarding and exciting Samba-based business!

For further information, please download the following brochure:

  • I have been working with Mishel since March 2015. I saw Mishel's videos and advertising for the Rio Carnival Tour and thought it would be wonderful to have her host a workshop weekend in Canberra. It was by far, one of the most fun and inspiring weekends of my life. I was able to chat with Mishel about all things Samba and quickly realised her knowledge and passion for Samba and Brazilian culture are astounding. Since that time, and with the backing of Salsabor Dance Studio, I have been working closely with Mishel to enliven and grow Samba at Salsabor. Mishel is a wonderful mentor, I could not have wished for anyone better to help me step up to the business and management side of the dance world.

    Jessica McNab Salsabor Dance Studio