At Sambaliscious, we honour the art of performance, the discipline of commitment to self-improvement and the importance of studying the culture behind Brazilian Samba.

In order to be part of our student performance team, dancers must firstly progress through all of our class levels and have a minimum of 12-18 months of Samba experience before performing on stage. 

“Doing Mishel’s performance course has totally transformed my dance – she not only works on technique, stamina and stage presence, but also the mindset behind performing on stage, which I’ve been able to transfer into my daily life to overcome challenges and achieve my goals.” Sarah




Thank you Mishel for pushing me and believing in me to continue to progress learning Samba over the past 3 years. It has enabled me to challenge my mind and body, trust in myself and gain back some confidence I had lost previously. Whilst I am still a Samba baby as such that first moment when your feet start move into ‘fast Samba’ is such a brilliant feeling. Your classes are fun, supportive and surrounded by an empowering community of women I join every week to shake, shimmy and strut our stuff as we learn all aspects of this beautiful feminine dance, the discipline behind the technique and the history of its origins. Thank you for bringing a little slice of Brazil to Brisbane for us!


“Joining the performance class was a big leap of faith for me. I’d hit a wall where I felt competent in the fundamentals class, but the intermediate/Advanced classes and the performance class seemed a bit beyond my ability. Despite doubting my ability to keep up, Mishel encouraged me to take on the challenge. Knowing that I was in good hands and with the support of my fellow dancers I committed to the performance and advanced classes.

6 months later my dancing has improved so much and I’m performing! Classes tackle fitness, endurance, muscle memory, technique and merge different styles of dance to give your samba some flare! Technique is taught in a way that prevents injuries and is broken down into clear steps. Mishel makes sure that everyone in the student team is feeling confident before they are on stage, both by being very organised and professional, and providing emotional support (particularly to those who haven’t performed before!). These qualities are echoed by Sambaliscious students as well who, in my experience, lift each other up and encourage each other to always push for our goals. Joining these classes has been the best thing I’ve done!

Taylor West

“Thank you Mishel for providing an amazing performance experience, I had a fun and memorable time learning and performing with a supportive and friendly group of women.

You really reduced the stress of learning a new choreography by having the whole routine mapped out before we start training. I enjoy your Gafiera style routines and learning tricky footwork, it’s great that we get to  practise the footwork in the  Int/Adv class before the performance class so that we feel more comfortable with the movements. The classes you run throughout the week in conjunction with the performance class help to boost everyone’s fitness and technical level so that we all go onto stage feeling confident. I love how organised you are and how well you communicate, you are 110% professional and fabulous!”

Jess Danes