Are you passionate about Brazilian Samba and ready to turn it into a career? 


2024 Teacher Training Programme
begins March 1st


Over the past two decades, Mishel has taught thousands of students in over 15 fifteen countries around the world, and has now developed the very first curriculum in the world for teaching Brazilian Samba in English.

You no longer need to become fluent in Portuguese, spend tens of thousands of dollars to travel and live in Brazil, or train in the favelas to study the history and culture of Samba, as Mishel has already done that!

You can fast track your development by having personal access to her extensive knowledge, diverse experience and comprehensive teaching tools in this online teaching programme.


About The Programme

In 2024, the Standard Study Period for students of the Beginners & Improvers Samba Teacher Training period is six months: March 1 – August 31, 2024. These students will follow a comprehensive Study Guide outlining how to successfully complete the programme within this timeframe. We also offer a Flexible Study Option for those who may need extra time to complete their coursework and assessments, by up to three months (maximum study period can be extended until November 30, 2024, a total of 9 months). 

The entire programme is online based and features interactive learning documents with links to external video content. Students are included in a supportive online Study Group, where they can share their thoughts and ideas. Each module is delivered separately via email, allowing students to progressively work through the content, and develop the skills they need to become a Samba teacher and successfully complete the programme. Students complete and submit assessments to monitor their progress to ensure they get the best outcome from the programme. 


Mishel has worked with us over the past 3 years to expand our dance school, build successful events, increase our media exposure and uplevel our instructors’ knowledge of teaching and performing. Since working with her as our business coach, we have seen a steady increase in student numbers and attendance at our events and have put our Samba school on the map as one of the most professional and authentic academies in Asia – thank you Mishel!

Farah + Nor – Singapore School of Samba